Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Training Ride For This ALC Season

On Memorial Day, nephew Bill, and I did a great ride in the Oakland Hills.  This picture is very much like the one of the two of us taken last year, in the same spot, before we headed out for our very first training ride.  The close-up of Bill was taken soon after we started up Old Tunnel Road in Oakland.

The ride took us through some beautiful territory in Redwood Park, aptly named for the majestic redwoods that give a very rural and wild feeling to an area within 4 or so miles of Oakland.  In spots the road was fairly steep and provided a fitting end to the training season.  I'm including the map below even though the little red line does not quite complete the circuit (I forgot to charge the battery so ran out of juice but this gives you a general idea of the route which was about 25 miles.

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