Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday....Orientation Day 6/4/11

Heading into the Cow Palace to check my bike along with more than 2000 other riders bikes seems as thought it would be a prescription for chaos.  But the ALC people are so well organized all the check in activities went very smoothly.  It was raining heavily when Carol Anne and I entered at 10 am but when we left about 1 the rain had stopped.  Here are a few pictures.  We have to be at the Cow Palace at 5 am Sunday so I am about to go to bed.
Standing in line waiting to put my bike in the overnight storage

My bike has found it's overnight home
My bike has plenty of company!!

Thanks again to the amazing and generous support that has come from so many of you.  Your donations will save and change lives.  It is suppose to be raining tomorrow and I will be warmed by your prayers and good wishes.  You
are awesome.  Thank you so very much.

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