Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ALC......DAY SEVEN 6/11/11

Day Seven was a 60 mile ride pretty much down the coast, through various towns and farming lands that give way to some military bases near the coast and finally we rode down Highway 1, known locally as the Pacific Coast Highway.  Again it was a foggy day but there were plenty of surfers and beach revellers in evidence along with a lot of traffic.

We stopped for lunch on the lovely Malibu Bluffs just below Pepperdine University.

Time for a few last pictures before the end of the ride.

Bill and Don

Don and Caitlin

After entering the city of Santa Monica we headed inland and rode up our last little hill.  At the top of the hill there was a large crowd of cheering folks to welcome us to the ride down San Vicente Boulevard, a very lovely street with many people on the sidewalks cheering the riders on to the finish line at the Veterans Administration Center grounds in Los Angeles.

After all the riders were present, at 4:30 PM closing ceremonies took place and the 540 mile ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles was over.  The riders raised over $13,000,000 to assist in the effort to end HIV/AIDS.  Thanks to the generosity of all who were part of my team, our part in that figure amounted to almost $19,000.  I am so grateful to all of you who contributed your money, well wishes, prayers and encouragement.  There really is no way I can adequately convey how blessed I feel to have so many great friends and family members but I hope this last picture says it all......

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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