Monday, June 13, 2011

ALC......DAY FIVE 6/9/11

By the time Day Five rolls around, riders are tired, sore, and needing a short ride day (41 miles)  Several years ago it was decided that it would be nice to have everyone dress in red to reflect the iconic Red Ribbon symbol that stands for supporting people with HIV/AIDS.  It did not take long for this to turn into RED DRESS DAY.

Riders, male and female, straight and gay, are in all sorts of outlandish outfits...including yours truly. Those of you who know about this day have been asking so here it is...Don Brown in his red dress that Carol Anne found for me in a thrift store in Portland.

I discovered the socks there and found the wig in a costume shop in Berkeley.  The wig was not really big enough to cover my entire helmet but you get the idea.

With friend Peter Graney

With nephew Bill Smullin

On Day Five I struck up a conversation with Judy Kann, a rider from LA and we became riding buddies for the last three days of the ride.
 A big wig!
A most welcome sign at the end of a day's ride.

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